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Squadron Member ($3/month)

Become a member of The Squadron with our membership plan starting at $3/month. With this plan, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Early/Live Access to Episode Recordings:
    We’ll provide access to you so you can join our live episode recordings to view/listen to the episode and check out the behind-the-scenes of a Sactown FC Podcast episode recording. If you can’t make it during a live, we can also provide early access to you to episodes so you can listen to them a day before the general public.

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    We’ll invite you to our Squadron-member only group on FB, where you can find out about our future episode guests, upcoming news for the podcast, have knowledge of new merchandise first before the public (you can buy before everyone else and be the first to share your new Sactown FC merchandise), and much more!

  • Submit Question for an Interviewee:
    Prior to interviews, we’ll let everyone know who we will be interviewing next so that you can submit a question to us and we’ll ask it during our interview as well as mention that you asked it (if you’d like for us to mention that you asked it, of course)

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Our Veteran Squadron Membership provides all benefits of The Squadron Member membership plus:

  • Ask Question Live
    You’ll be able to ask question(s), to one of our interviewee’s live! Questions that would also be on the podcast so you would also have a chance to be heard on our podcast!

  • Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Access
    Get access to view how podcasts are edited, our podcast/live shows are prepared, the website is edited, and the ability to provide insights on topics.

Legendary Squadron Member ($15/month)

Benefits in Squadron Member & Veteran Member, plus:

  • Video/Audio Shout-Out from an Interviewee
    We’ll ask our interviewee to give you a shout out with a personal message of your choice and send you the video and/or audio file.

  • Ability to join our Halftime/After-Game Republic & Network Shows
    We’ll provide access to you to be a part of our Sactown FC Network Shows (Sactown FC Live, Our Cup of Tea, Pasión MX, Sacramento Soccer Show) on a regular basis to give your opinion on the topics discussed, we’ll also invite you on our halftime/after-game live videos for Republic FC games (through video and at the stadium once fans are allowed back).

  • The Squadron Member Only T-Shirt (One per Legendary member)
    We will soon be printing Squadron member-only shirts for you to share with the world that you’re a part of our supporter’s group. By becoming a part of our Legendary Membership, we’ll send you this shirt so you’ll be the first of the members to obtain it! It’s our way of saying thank you for being a legendary member!

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