About the Pod

It All Started With a Tweet…

The Sactown FC Podcast was founded in January 2020 (January 9th to be exact) by Sacramento Republic FC fans, Luis Urbano and Jonathan Ward.

Yes, just like the title says. This tweet by Luis was what started the Sactown FC podcast. One tweet and response within the same day by Jonathan was what started the idea of having the podcast.

And the rest is history.

In just a little over two weeks, they’d post their first episode.

The guys didn’t know it then of course, but Episode 4 would be the reason why they’d be growing the team to three co-hosts. They were interviewing Danny Troy from Los Unikos and it went so well that the team decided to invite Danny to be a part of the podcast.

Today it has over 40 episodes recorded and the guys have interviewed community members, former & current SRFC players, SRFC fans, and soccer fans in general throughout the country!

Now let’s get to know each of the guys!

Meet Luis Urbano

Hey everyone!

My name is Luis Urbano and I’m a co-host of the Sactown FC Podcast.

Sacramento Republic FC Fan, Luis Urbano

I was born and raised in the city of “Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health”, Modesto, California (about an hour and fifteen minutes from Papa Murphy’s Park).

I’ve been into soccer ever since I was in elementary school. The first team that I became a fan of was Cruz Azul from Mexico. Growing up I wasn’t able to go to much Cruz Azul friendly games in the U.S. so I always wanted to have a team that I could support in my country too. I would watch MLS every now and then and support the California teams (with the exception of Chivas USA of course haha). It was fun to watch it but I never really became a real fan of any of them. The year 2013 would change that of course as Sacramento announced their team Sacramento Republic. I knew from that moment that I would now have that local team to support that I was looking for.

Cruz Azul Fan, Luis

Outside of talking, watching, and playing soccer, I enjoy learning something new every day. In fact I consider myself a lifelong learner. And to prove it, I actually have six degrees and am already thinking about what I’ll be majoring in next?

Jon, Danny, and I, are super thankful for all of your support. We wouldn’t have a podcast if it weren’t for YOUR support.

I wanted to start a podcast about Sacramento Republic ever since I started to listen to podcasts myself. I set it as a personal goal to start this podcast and not just leave it at an idea. So thank you to my co-hosts Jon and Danny! Without you guys, the Sactown FC Podcast would not be what it’s already been in such a short amount of time.


I appreciate all of the support,
Luis Urbano

Meet Jonathan Ward

Soccer Player, Jonathan Ward

What’s up Squad?

My name is Jonathan Ward and I am a co-host for the self proclaimed #1 soccer specific podcast in Sacramento. I have had a passion for soccer since the age of 5 and have not stopped playing since.

Jonathan Ward at Sacramento Republic FC game

I grew up playing in the Sacramento region for both club and my high school in the area. I then went to Saint Mary’s College of California where I proceeded to get my bachelors degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Management. I stayed in the East Bay where I was an educator and soccer coach at local schools. In August of 2019 my wife and I decided to move our family to Placer county. I have three kids who are still young but interested in the sport I love and I coach my oldest sons team in the area.

Luis, Danny and I are grateful for the support that you have given us and we hope for many years to come of us talking soccer together but also with you who share the same passion for the sport we all love and respect.


Meet Danny Troy

Danny Troy

Hey Republic faithful!

My name is Danny Troy. I am one of the co-founders of Los Unikos, proud supporters and drummer of Sacramento Republic FC. We are the newest chapter of the TBB based in Reno NV. I am proud to say that we help write the lyrics and drum beats for a lot of the chants you hear coming from the stands!

My passion is to support my club in anyway possible. I have been drumming with supporter clubs for the last 4 years, I drum for the Republic and for the Mexico National team. I am so grateful of the amazing friendships that have developed since we decided to make the move to Sacramento FC. The support has been outstanding and we will continue to show our appreciation by standing for 90 mins and playing hard for the Republic.

Since I joined the Sactown FC Podcast, we have been shown nothing but love and support by our community and the club.

For that, Luis, Jon and I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We are committed to keep working hard to keep bringing you the content that you love to hear.


Always faithful,
Danny Troy

Meet Michael Wood

Michael Wood

Hey Sacramento, my name is Michael Wood, a cohost of The Sactown FC Podcast. I was born and raised in Sacramento in a British household, Liverpudlians to be specific. Naturally Liverpool FC is in my first love, football is in my blood. When SRFC came to Sacramento it was only natural I began to follow the team too. It fed my need for the beautiful game locally.

I grew up playing the game from rec to club, all the way up to high school, but now that I am older with a fiance and kids I find myself watching more than playing. I am an alumni of Sacramento State, graduating with a degree in International Relations, but I knew soccer was always my real passion. Ask my family and they will tell you the same, I obsess over the game.

Michael Wood

As soon as I saw that Jon and Luis started a podcast I knew I wanted to be involved. What better way to feed that passion then talk about the game with fellow supporters? Sactown FC has become so much more than a hobby to talk football however as it has given us a way to give back to our local neighborhoods and to see the outreach and response from our community has been amazing.

I look forward to many years of continued success and exciting moments with Sactown FC and its supporters.

Go Republic!
Michael Wood