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Our amazing scarf created by Ruffneck Scarves is now available to be ordered!

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Stay up to date with the latest episodes from the Sactown FC crew and if you missed a past podcast you can hear it here on this page directly. So sit back, kick your shoes off and enjoy as the boys deliver another great episode for your listening consumption.


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The Sactown FC Team

Meet the Team

Would you like to know more about the people behind the podcast and how the podcast came to be?

It’s actually an interesting story that dates back to the beginning of the new decade (2020)!

Get to know them and view their (historic) images. 

Join The Squadron!

The Squadron is our new Podcast Supporters Group. We have a variety of membership options available, each with more & more amazing perks.

If you’re a fan of our content and would like to support us as we continue to grow day by day, then consider joining the squad!

The Sactown FC Squadron (1)

Introducing Sactown MX

We have officially started a Liga MX Podcast presented by Sactown FC Co-Hosts, Luis Urbano and Danny Troy! 

They’ll be talking about all things Liga MX each week (in English) and have interviews with former/current players of the league (in Spanish mostly but some may be in English).

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